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Security systems play a very important role for retail business and office spaces. Retail security systems can help you keep your profits from walking out the door ignored. Small businesses often experience higher annual shrinkage than larger companies. However, there is ample you can do to diminish and/or prevent retail loss. The retail industry and many companies mislay billions of dollars per year to employee burglary and shoplifting. With so much invested in your business, keeping it safe and secure is a top precedence. While business proprietors might want to think crime will never strike their companies, it's a risk many aren't willing to take. To help protect their offices and stores, many have installed security surveillance equipments that allow them to record everything that's happening inside and outside of their businesses. With wide experience of retail security solutions, Webmate Information understands the threats which are facing by any organizations including shoplifting, employee theft, and flash rob theft, and even organized retail crime. Hence every retail & office spaces should utilize the proper security and surveillance system in their work place.

Advanced intelligent Electronic Security Systems like GSM Based Alarm Panel, CCTV, Fire Alarms, Access Control equipments, Attendance systems, Employee self service portals and technology based products have given a all time reach to infrastructural advancement and also deploy a truly state-of- the-art surveillance cum monitoring system that can perform the below mentioned activities

  • Monitor activities at any number of branch offices sitting from a centralized location or head office
  • To verify the status of alarms remotely
  • Trigger Fire Alarms, Security Alarms, Access Control and CCTV events for the safety of assets, customers and employees

How Webmate Informations help to secure the Retail Business & Office Spaces

Webmate Informations is able to provide all the advanced security solutions for Retail & Office spaces to full fill all the considerable requirements. We support small or big retail stores & office spaces to meet their demand of CCTV based video surveillance, time-attendance systems, fire alarm systems, Employee monitoring solutions and access control system. Thus, the management can keep a closer look on the daily work and also can track of live happing.

Our solutions allow you to use existing infrastructure to deploy cameras and significant other equipments, making costs effective measures for your security needs. Owing to our collaboration with technological leaders across the globe and operated under strict quality control in accordance with International Security Standards, our services are a symbol of Reliability, Performance and Aesthetics.

Scalable and Reliable

Deploying a security management solution in applications such as retail and office space demands product flexibility, scalability and reliability. You need a system that lets you grow at your own rapidity, that will always be up and that lets you implement customizations to meet specific requirements. You get just that when you blend Webmate Informations’s full line of security surveillance system which includes video surveillance, access control, fire alarm system and so much more. A truly efficient, incorporated security solution will not only boost your levels of protection but will also help you to work more efficiently and more cost-effectively. A high technologically sound security system must balance the need for a moderately free flow of any business with the need for security, prevention and protection. In a tricky economic environment, increasing offense is yet another stress faced by any organization. Though, this is an area where it doesn’t pay to cut corners. So advanced security solutions are a range of intelligently designed products to meet all the serious requirements for any company. Every business or companies have the responsibility to take care of the benefits of both employees and their clients. However, they also need to observe and review people’s movements to prevent any fraudulent claims. Combined security products access control, time-attendance, video surveillance and fire alarm is an end to end solution for protecting, securing and monitoring resources of any business. An effective security system will cover every aspect of your daily operations: from the point of entry, the facility itself, through to the point of departure – all day, every day and thus Webmate Informations supports any kind of companies to maintain their level of industry standards simultaneously fulfilling customer expectations within their budget. The major Security Surveillance Solution for Retail and Office spaces are mentioned below.

  • Real Time Video Surveillance and Monitoring through Android and Web
  • Centralized Electronic Attendance and Access Control System
  • Networking Solutions
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Intrusion Detection Alarm

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Real time Video Surveillance and Monitoring through Mobile and Web
  • Monitor Resources and Customers
  • Real-Time Security of Premises and Other Secure Zones
  • Eliminate Malpractice and Maintain Professionalism
Monitor Resources and Customers

Retail and Office areas consist of several customers and employees. Each employee need to be active on the work assigned to them during work hours and video surveillance system helps to capture & record activities of staff even in the absence of floor supervisor or manager thus improving overall productivity of the organization. You might consider a video surveillance camera if you want to see what's happening at your business around the clock. The intelligent security system integrated by Webmate Informations would allow you to watch your customers and see what's happening with your employees. Our systems allow integration with the web or mobile devices, so you can see what occurrence happen even when you're not at work. It also helps you to have video proof of activity if you ever need to file an insurance claim for theft or damages.

Real-Time Security Premises and Other Secure Zones

The end to end video surveillance system and scalable solutions provided by Webmate Informations keeps an eye on each and every individual coming in and going out of office premises. Video surveillance system helps the management to view real-time happenings at the entrance, exists, inside the premises and other secure zones. It helps to identify any suspect thereby safeguarding customers, employees and valuable assets. Therefore in case of any occurrence instant actions can be taken to prevent any major mishaps.

Eliminate Malpractice and maintain Professionalism

The Video surveillance system and solutions provided by Webmate Informations also helps to record real-time happenings on-site which reduces malpractice and ensure a professional atmosphere. The integrated system and scalable solutions provided by Webmate Informations keeps an eye on each and every movement of the staffs and individual coming in and going out of office premises.

Centralized Electronic Attendance and Access Control System

  • Multi-Location Connectivity
  • Restricted Access in secure zone
  • Manage Staff Attendance, Shifts Or Leave
  • Centralized Report
Multi Location Connectivity

Today most of the business and offices are having multiple branches and located in geo scattered locations. Connecting these offices in real-time with head-office for centralized time management is one of the challenge for the industry. Webmate Informations provide the facility to connect these different locations seamlessly through integrated technology. Real time daily operational data can be shared and monitored remotely using this cutting edge technology and as a result business operations and being smoother.

Restricted Access in Secure Zone

Access restraint for certain employee in particular premises like strong room, Cash counters, server or database room is always indispensable. Access control system confines user from entering such areas and protecting valuable data. Webmate Informations offers advanced access control features like anti-pass back, occupancy control, block user, various access modes for enhancing security and smooth functioning of the organization with discipline.

Manage Staff Attendance, Shifts or Leave

Webmate provides scalable solutions for centralized and multi location Time-attendance systems for calculating employee attendance, leave and overtime. System can assign various shifts to staff; maintain records of break and lunch hours of individual employee. Each employee can be given a centralized employee self-service portal to view their leave records, holidays or attendance. The system provides employees with an array of self-service facilities, without the involvement of HR personnel. The system also offers a range of personnel information to employees including holiday schedules, forthcoming shifts and leave figures. This may increase productivity of the organization and ensure professionalism and timeliness of the employees.

Centralized Report

Webmate Informations offers a solution to connect multiple sites with a central location and generate all real time reports for time-attendance and access control of the employees. The system also shows important records like public holidays, employee leave and employee late in/early out, overtime etc. All the required data can be generated from one centralized place instead of having multiple branches. All branches including head office can view same report without any discrepancies.

Networking Solutions
  • Active Networking & Data security
  • Passive Networking
Active Networking and Data Security

Today each and every business sector is entirely dependent on the network infrastructures. Thus active networking and data security plays a vital role in smooth operations of this industry. Our scalable networking solutions allow you to use proper, scalable and secure infrastructure, making costs effective measures for your networking needs. Owing to our collaboration with technological leaders across the globe and operated under strict quality control in accordance with International Security Standards, our services are a symbol of Reliability, Performance and Aesthetics.

Passive Networking

Our Passive Networking solutions help the management to experience complete peace of mind by ensuring seamless data connectivity, stability and smooth operations.

Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm systems are a crucial part of fire safety in both commercial and inhabited properties. They are designed to save lives and protect property by alerting people that a smoke / fire has broken out, giving them extra time to run away and call the fire brigade. A fire alarm system is not only good protection, but may be a zoning requirement for your store. Make your alarm system work for you as part of your store's asset protection plan. Fire detectors Or Smoke detectors will need to be spread out across buildings, with several in each main area as required to provide full coverage – so that anywhere a fire starts, the alarm will be able to quickly alert people to the danger. All fire alarms or sub components of such need to be interlinked together with a central control panel, which should ideally be monitored around the clock. These systems should preferably be addressable, so that the exact location of the fire can be pinpointed. Detectors will have to be able to detect smoke or heat, whichever is most appropriate for the environment; a professional fire protection technician should be consulted to provide advice on this and Webmate Informations is the one who can serve you the best solution for fire / smoke detection and alarm systems.
Intrusion Detection Alarm

Numerous industry studies show that shoplifting and employee theft losses are huge. Intrusion detection systems are such devices which protects your business from burglary, vandalism, or dangerous intruders. You most likely don't want to wait for a loss or disturbance to happen at your business before getting an alarm system. These types of systems not only discourage burglars, but they also discourage employee theft, or on the flip side -- ensure your employees' safety. These systems typically include a bunch of different devices that detect abnormal entry, such as motion detectors and glass breaking sensors, and are observed by a third party panel system that gets alerted when unauthorized admittance take places.
Intrusion detection is the ability to know when someone has entered a secured area, and may include the ability to determine the identity of that person. This tracking of unauthorized activity can serve as an important security tool for high value gold vaults and Jewellers. Our security knowledge and expertise in end to end solution design help the business to experience complete peace of mind by ensuring security, stability and safety of their business operations.
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Why Webmate Informations should be chosen as a Preferred Vendor for Retail & Office spaces

  • Offering Scalable Solutions in Banking sector for Fire Alarms, CCTV systems, Access Control systems, Attendance and remote monitoring solutions.
  • Cloud based surveillance solutions to increase mobility.
  • Know the needs of our customer since we value their time and money.
  • Providing minute details for all surveillance data as per customer requirement.
  • Intelligent and Innovative solutions to address the proper requirement of the customer within budget.
  • Complete customer orientation and excellent technical support.
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