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The security business constantly needs to rediscover and keep pace with technology. Newer technology means more effective and powerful solutions, which in turn translates to peace of mind. We are the most admired security surveillance service provider of residencies, homes and housing societies. CCTV monitoring, Multi Apartment visitor Management systems, Video Door phones, Real time remotely connected security systems, Fire Alarms and Detection Systems, Video Door Phones are playing the most vital part in the security of your dream home and Family.

To sleep soundly, you need peace of mind. You need to know that what you value most - your home, your assets, and your family - are safe and secure. From fire and theft, to services that keep families connected, Webmate offers effective solutions and end to end integration services to help you protect your safety and your property.

A properly designed system for apartment security solutions can promote a protected living. These establishments countenance separate challenge in today's increasing economic environment. Advanced intelligent Electronic Security Systems and technology based products have specified an all time reach to infrastructural advancement and also deploy a truly state-of-the-art surveillance cum monitoring system for your home.
  • Monitor activities at any number of branch offices sitting from a centralized location or head office
  • To verify the status of alarms remotely
  • Trigger Fire Alarms, Security Alarms, Access Control and CCTV events for the safety of assets, customers and employees
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How Webmate helps the Home & Apartments

Webmate Informations is able to provide all the advanced security solutions for your home, housing and co-op. Societies to full fill all the considerable security requirements. We support small or big housing complex to meet their demand of video surveillance, fire alarm-service, access control system, visitor management systems, video door phones etc. Fully secure buildings need full-service security solutions. As the industry moves toward incorporated systems, the need for security design ahead of new equipment implementation is significant for laying the groundwork for a future-proof security system. Whether you’re looking for the latest technology in surveillance systems, CCTV security cameras, alarm systems or electronic access control, we provide security utensils based on a walk-through of your domicile area and an evaluation of your security needs.

Our solutions allow you to use existing infrastructure to deploy cameras and significant other equipments, making costs effective measures for your security needs. Owing to our association with technological leaders across the globe and operated under strict quality control in accordance with International Security Standards, our services are a symbol of Reliability, Performance and Aesthetics.

Scalable and Reliable

We have proven track records with our services of securing our customer’s home and family for last many years. We are passionate about anticipating and providing the best end to end Electronic Security Solutions as well as the best customer experiences. We offer an extensive portfolio of innovative and high-quality solutions for security, safety and networking. We not only integrate the security gadgets but also ensure the rightful implementation, scalability, budget and proper technical support of all security solutions for your home.

An effective security system will cover every aspect of your accommodation: starting from the point of entry, through to the point of exit – all day, every day. We understand that a high-tech system is essential which can provide safety, security and flexibility of your family, tenants and visitors. Webmate Informations recognize the requirement and preserve their level of standards concurrently fulfilling customer expectations within their budget.

Protection and Peace of Mind

Here are Webmate security services for every lifestyle, budget and need. And they do more than keep you and your family safe and secure…they give you peace of mind and can even keep you connected to your home wherever you are. Our products are easy enough for every member of the family to operate, providing a level of simplicity and convenience you’ll really appreciate.
Indoor and Outdoor Sensors

Owing to our association with technological leaders across the globe and operated under strict quality control in accordance with International Security Standards, our services are a symbol of Reliability, Performance and Aesthetics. The state-of-the-art devices and sensors proposed by Webmate Informations detect movement indoors and outdoors, listen for the sound of breaking glass to guard against intruders, protect valuables and more. They enhance the effectiveness of your home security system and provide you with the complete, whole-house protection you need. You can also opt to receive alerts on your smart-phone if motion is sensed in a protected area inside or outside—giving you the information you need to act quickly.
Burglary Protection

Webmate Informations offers comprehensive security solutions for your home and family - including panic pendants, door and window contacts, motion sensors and more—can be monitored by a central station 24/7 to provide you with round-the-clock protection against the threat of someone breaking into your home.
Remote Video

Whether you're at the office, travelling for business or away on vacation, you'll have peace of mind knowing you can effortlessly monitor your home and family anytime, anywhere. Want to see when your kids get home from school, keep an eye on your pets or make sure an important delivery arrives? With the scalable and integrated digital video security, you can view live, streaming video in and around your home or receive clips and images of important events when they occur. You can even view video and receive notifications of activity in dark and low-light indoor environments for added peace of mind. In today's highly mobile society, even if you're travelling farther from home—and more often, you still need to keep a close eye on your home and family. Whether you're at home, across the street or across the country, Webmate enables you the scalable facility to get remotely connected with your home and loved ones even when you are away.
Theft Protection

You've worked hard to afford things that make life more enjoyable. And we work hard to make sure that those things are protected. With Webmate’s innovative security solutions, we make it easy for you to protect the inside and outside of your home and premises.
Visitors Management System

For security purposes, you should keep track of sales man, maids and other visitors who visit your premises or complex. Do away with the old method of manually entering all the visitor’s particulars by automating the entire process. Webmate Information offers an innovative, competent and efficient solution to manage visitors in your facility. Computerized visitor management systems lend a more professional approach and enhance security. Webmate Informations offer visitor management solutions that meet the user specific needs.
EPABX system

Communication within housing society is essential. Webmate Informations offers Intercom Systems like EPABX, Intercom, and Housing Intercom etc for Building and Housing Society. These security intercom system for Building and Housing Society helps to prevent entry of unwanted visitors like petty thieves, burglars, armed criminals, sales-persons, vendors inside the building. These intercom system for Building and Housing Society are used to provide intercom provision between residents of a building and the security watchmen at the entrance gate mainly with the reason of verifying whether the visitors should be allowed entry or not. Security men at the gate, in discussion with the residents, can screen out lot of unwanted visitors, including burglars/dacoits and door-to door sales persons.
Video Door Phones

Video door phones are essential security component for apartments Security, building security, and security of residential complexes. Video door phone is a stand-alone intercom system for audio and video connections between the door to the apartment and or the entrance to a building (residential complex, independent family home, etc.) with the video phone placed inside the apartment. This enables the person at indoors to identify the visitor and, if they wish, engage in conversation and/or open the door to allow access to the person calling. Door phones allow one to communicate safely and from a distance and verify the credentials of the visitor thereby enhancing safety and security.
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Why Webmate Informations should be chosen as a Preferred Vendor for Home Security

  • Offering Scalable Solutions in Banking sector for Fire Alarms, CCTV systems, Access Control systems, Attendance and remote monitoring solutions.
  • Cloud based surveillance solutions to increase mobility.
  • Know the needs of our customer since we value their time and money.
  • Providing minute details for all surveillance data as per customer requirement.
  • Intelligent and Innovative solutions to address the proper requirement of the customer within budget.
  • Complete customer orientation and excellent technical support.
Suggested Services

There are various solutions available with us. Write us at administrator@webmateinfo.in with your details or specifications required and we shall be more than keen to serve you.

Service Portfolio

Webmate Information's extensive security consulting services helps its clients to devlop unique Intelleigent security and Surveillance solutions to address their complex security challenges and create value through sustainable innovation.

We offer Project Planning,Procurement, Process improvement,Implemenation, and end to end Project Managment services to help our clients bridge their business and technology gaps.

Why Use Our Services

At Webmate we are passionate about anticipating and providing the best Services and the best customer experiences.

  • Service Excellence - We are passionate about anticipating and providing the best end to end Electronic Security Surveillance Solutions and extensive Security Consulting Services along with the best customer experiences.

  • Quality Assurance - Owing to our collaboration with technological leaders across the globe and operated under strict quality control in accordance with International Security Standards, our services are a symbol of Reliability, Performance and Aesthetics.

  • Outstanding Support - Our support ensures complete peace of mind for our customers. Our robust methodologies, high reliability, round-the-clock availability, optimum manageability, distributed delivery centres and assets assure to maximize our customer satisfaction and efficiency.

  • Complete Customer Orientation - We care our customers and always ensure our work is neat, safe and cost effective regardless of the size of the job. Backed by the best in class Service & Support infrastructure we make sure our approach is 100% customer centric.

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