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We are well informed of the day-to-day security threats faced in several public places. Webmate Informations have the experience to intend solutions to conquer threats like theft, wreckage, crime, and more while also ensuring public safety. Public space like corporate offices, stadiums, shopping malls, multiplex, park, railway stations, roads etc are the open public areas where anything can be happened any time. These open public spaces need to be covered with high security equipments and it is most essential part of our civilization. Public space doesn't signify a certain area; it means all, where we use to exceed every day to accomplish our daily work. It may be the way of our office (like railway station, metro station, bus terminus), it may be the market place, and it may be the park where our children use to go for recreation. Hence it is very difficult to describe about the public space and it is also very important to protect our surroundings. The primary objectives of public safety is to keep citizens, communities and public spaces safe, with quicker response, enhanced operational efficiency with reduced costs. In an emergency circumstances, every second counts. Potentially life-threatening situations change in a heartbeat, and decisions must be made in seconds. Webmate Informations provides the platform to help and support this kind of situation.

Advanced electronic security solutions like CCTV Surveillance, Access Control, Public Addressing Systems, Fire Alarm systems, Turnstiles, Vehicle Tracking systems etc are the ranges of smartly considered products to meet all the significant necessities of Public spaces. More or less at present days Security Surveillance is taking most vital responsibility in public space. The implementation of surveillance systems into the public areas helps the government to organize centralized monitoring activities for public and assets and take instant actions as per the situation.
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How Webmate Informations help to protect the Public spaces

With years of experience serving hotels, convention centres, museums, stadiums, railway station, airport and entertainment facilities, we possess the knowledge and skill set to distribute dependable security solutions to customers within the public spaces. From monitoring parks and arenas, for protecting museums from theft and damage, security professionals work hard to protect citizens and visitors. Due to the volume of people in public places, ensuring their safety can be a difficult task. Webmate Informations offers solutions that make the public safer, including closed circuit television (CCTV) systems that monitor crowds, access control systems restrict locations to authorized personnel, public address system (PA System) for general declarations or emergency information, turnstile for entry and exit management, vehicle tracking system that can track any authorized or unauthorized vehicle etc. Webmate Informations verify the technology carefully and select for protecting the public space and venues.

Our solutions allow you to use existing infrastructure to deploy cameras and other necessary equipments, making costs effective measures for your security needs. Owing to our association with technological leaders across the globe and operated under strict quality control in accordance with International Security Standards, our services are a symbol of Reliability, Performance and Aesthetics.

Scalable and Reliable

The surveillance system prevents the risk of any kind of harmful activities in our surroundings, also able to track suspicious activities around us and which helps to maintain the safe atmosphere. Healthy environment is a strong optimistic aspect for every society so need to increase safety for our betterment. Advanced intelligent Electronic Security Systems like Video surveillance for monitoring the crowds, VTS for tracing the vehicles, PA system for public announcements, Turnstiles for maintaining the discipline entry or exit, Access control to restrict the unauthorized entry etc are the vital utensils for safety of public space. Security solutions have many different aspects. Solutions from Webmate Informations are just as individual as the requirements: They allow users to make the right decisions quickly – and to act accordingly. We understand that a high-tech system is essential which can provide safety, security, perfect environment for living at the same time is flexible, scalable and simple to use.

We are passionate about anticipating and providing the best end to end Electronic Security Surveillance and Networking Solutions along with extensive Security Consulting Services as well as the best customer experiences. We offer an extensive portfolio of innovative and high-quality solutions for security and safety. We not only integrate the security gadgets but also ensure the equitable implementation and proper technical support of all security solutions.

Video surveillance for public space

Video Surveillance systems or CCTV, are becoming more and more significant in present day scenario. With increasing terror risk, accidents, theft, vandalisms, investment into surveillance systems has become an essential component for public space. Webmate Informations provides scalable and optimized solutions for monitoring real-time happenings in and around the city and helps the administration to make the city safe.
Access control solutions for public space

Webmate Informations provide the perfect solutions for Access control systems that can give admission to right people in right place by defining various access control policies. These solutions are majorly being adopted in Metro stations, ATMs, Airports, Stadiums, Hospitals, Museum, Multiplex, Food Courts and other public areas.
Public Address solution (PA Solution) for public space

A Public Address (PA) system is a collection of audio utensils that allows broadcasts over a selected area. PA systems can be used for general announcements or emergency information, providing a simple way to get information out promptly. Webmate Informations offers end to end implementation of public addressing systems as per the standard or customized requirement. These systems are majorly used in Rail stations, Bus Terminus, Airports, Road Crossings, Hospitals, Food Courts and other public areas.
Turnstiles solutions for public space

A turnstile gate is ideal for crowd management – providing your location with safety, expediency and efficiency. A turnstile system is the only alternative for regulating and controlling the heavy crowds through entrance and exit points without the need of manned monitoring. Turnstiles are perfect if you wish to protect a sites external perimeter or provide secure areas within a building against unauthorized pedestrians. These systems are majorly used in Rail stations, Bus Terminus, Airports, Metro Stations, Stadiums and other public spaces.
Vehicle Tracking Solution for public space

Vehicle Tracking Devices deliver real time information on the location, activity and mobile inventory of authorized or unauthorized vehicles movement. Vehicle tracking devices also provide valuable information in the event of vehicle theft and recovery. Webmate Informations offers an efficient, effective vehicle tracking system for tracking all the activities or location of any vehicle.
Fire Alarms and Detection Solutions for public space

Protecting the public, or at least getting the public to respond, can be a challenge. Fire Alarm System is an active fire detection system that detects smoke and fire. This system instantly notifies the presence of smoke by executing hooters so as to take immediate action on this. Early detection of fire can prevent major catastrophes protecting valuable assets and saving lives. Hence reliable, rugged and maintenance-free fire detection solutions are required and mandatory in any public spaces. Webmate Informations provide effective and end to end fire detection systems to address this security aspect of the public spaces.
Networking Solutions for public space

The connectivity of any public space is entirely dependent on the network infrastructures. Active networking and data security plays a vital role in smooth operations of this industry. Our scalable networking solutions allow you to use proper, scalable and secure infrastructure, making costs effective measures for your networking needs. Owing to our collaboration with technological leaders across the globe and operated under strict quality control in accordance with International Security Standards, our services are a symbol of Reliability, Performance and Aesthetics. Our Passive Networking solutions help the management to experience complete peace of mind by ensuring seamless data connectivity, stability and smooth operations.
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Why Webmate Informations should be chosen as a Preferred Vendor for Public space safety

  • Offering Scalable Solutions in Banking sector for Fire Alarms, CCTV systems, Access Control systems, Attendance and remote monitoring solutions.
  • Cloud based surveillance solutions to increase mobility.
  • Know the needs of our customer since we value their time and money.
  • Providing minute details for all surveillance data as per customer requirement.
  • Intelligent and Innovative solutions to address the proper requirement of the customer within budget.
  • Complete customer orientation and excellent technical support.
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Webmate Information's extensive security consulting services helps its clients to devlop unique Intelleigent security and Surveillance solutions to address their complex security challenges and create value through sustainable innovation.

We offer Project Planning,Procurement, Process improvement,Implemenation, and end to end Project Managment services to help our clients bridge their business and technology gaps.

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  • Quality Assurance - Owing to our collaboration with technological leaders across the globe and operated under strict quality control in accordance with International Security Standards, our services are a symbol of Reliability, Performance and Aesthetics.

  • Outstanding Support - Our support ensures complete peace of mind for our customers. Our robust methodologies, high reliability, round-the-clock availability, optimum manageability, distributed delivery centres and assets assure to maximize our customer satisfaction and efficiency.

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