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Surveillance is a very important factor in Construction Industry. Construction companies are challenged with providing protection for employees and with keeping valuable assets and materials protected. Property prices are everyday skyrocketing driving developers to adopt new and better technologies in order to finish projects quickly. The latest cloud video surveillance solutions allow you to remotely monitor construction projects and guard against theft, while keeping an eye on your crews, using any internet enabled device, from anywhere in the world. Major construction companies are operating multiple, often vast sites. At each site daily flow of direct employees, sub-contractors and stakeholders takes place along with movement of plant and supplies. In the event, contractors take advantage at times leading construction companies in heavy loss. Therefore, a monitoring system is essential to eliminate deceptive and unjustified payments at the same time maintaining safety, security of all resources.

Advanced intelligent Electronic Security Systems like Video Surveillance , Fire Alarms, Attendance equipments and technology based products have given a all time reach to infrastructural advancement and also deploy a truly state-of- the- art surveillance cum monitoring system that can perform the below mentioned activities

  • Monitor activities at any number of branches sitting from a centralized location or head office
  • To verify the status of alarms remotely.
  • Trigger Fire Alarms, Security Alarms, Access Control & CCTV events for the safety of assets, customers and employees

How Webmate helps the Construction Industry

Webmate Informations provides advanced security solutions for Construction sectors to meet all the significant requirements. We support Construction companies to meet their demand of time-attendance, fire alarm-service and digital video recording. Thus, a site supervisor can keep a close look on the daily work, incoming and outgoing materials and also monitor & record attendance of daily workers.

Our solutions allow you to use existing infrastructure to deploy cameras and other equipments, making costs effective measures for your security needs. Owing to our collaboration with technological leaders across the globe and operated under strict quality control in accordance with International Security Standards, our services are a symbol of Reliability, Performance and Aesthetics. Scalable and Reliable

Advanced security solutions are a range of intelligently designed products to meet all the critical requirements of construction industry. Combined security products access control, time-attendance, video surveillance and fire alarm is a comprehensive solution for protecting, securing and monitoring resources of building, civil or industrial construction.

It helps construction sector to meet their demand of time management, multi-site connectivity, real-time tracking to ensure safety of staff and digital video recording to avoid any malpractice on site. Thus, Webmate Informations supports construction companies to maintain their level of industry standards simultaneously fulfilling customer expectations within their budget.

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Access Control and Time-Attendance Solution for Construction Industry
  • Modular, Scalable Solution
  • Multi-Site Wireless Connectivity
  • Manage Staff Time-Attendance
  • Centralized Reports
Multi-Site Wireless Connectivity

We know the challenges. We need to maximize productivity to stay competitive. But it can be difficult. Construction companies work in remote sites where any kind of wired connectivity is not available or can be very expensive. A standalone time-attendance system is indispensable which can make a bond with head office and remote located sites. Wi- Fi and 3G incorporated time-attendance system connects multiple sites to head office aiding accurate, on time attendance of the employees on site. System can assign shift to staff, calculate employee attendance, leave and overtime.

Manage Staff Time-Attendance

The construction industries are facing a large variety of workforce challenges. Webmate Informations provides a complete Time Attendance system to record of workers on each construction site. Huge staff is involved on construction sites and to mange attendance data with real but unavoidable facts like poor attendance, buddy punching, unauthorized entry and overcharging by sub-contractors is a herculean task. It is vital for construction companies to maintain time-attendance of each employee and to have centralized reports at main office.

Centralized Reports

Webmate Informations offers a solution to connect multiple sites with a central location and generate all reports for time- attendance and access control like public holidays, employee leave and employee late in/early out, overtime can be generated from one place. All branches including head office can view same report without any discrepancies.

Video Surveillance Solution for Construction Industry

  • Security of Staff
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Site
  • Eliminate Malpractice of On-Site Resources
Security of Staff

The end to end video surveillance system and scalable solutions provided by Webmate Informations keeps an eye on each and every individual coming in and going out of office premises. It helps to identify any suspect thereby safeguarding customers, employees and valuable assets. Therefore in case of any occurrence instant actions can be taken to prevent any major mishaps.

Real-Time Monitoring of Site

Construction companies have numerous sites concerning different contractors and sub-contractors. Each project site has expensive raw material and equipments that are attractive to burglar. Hence it is essential to have an efficient observation system to protect property and assets. Furthermore, people working on large machinery require real-time monitoring for their security. Therefore in case of any occurrence instant actions can be taken to prevent any major mishaps.

Eliminate Malpractice of On-Site Resources

Video surveillance system helps to record real-time happenings on-site which reduces malpractice.

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Why Webmate Informations should be chosen as a Preferred Vendor in Construction

  • Offering Scalable Solutions in Banking sector for Fire Alarms, CCTV systems, Access Control systems, Attendance and remote monitoring solutions.
  • Cloud based surveillance solutions to increase mobility.
  • Know the needs of our customer since we value their time and money.
  • Providing minute details for all surveillance data as per customer requirement.
  • Intelligent and Innovative solutions to address the proper requirement of the customer within budget.
  • Complete customer orientation and excellent technical support.
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Webmate Information's extensive security consulting services helps its clients to devlop unique Intelleigent security and Surveillance solutions to address their complex security challenges and create value through sustainable innovation.

We offer Project Planning,Procurement, Process improvement,Implemenation, and end to end Project Managment services to help our clients bridge their business and technology gaps.

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